5 Podcasts Real Estate Investors Can't Afford To Miss


The podcast medium is blowing up.  That's a good thing for all of us who want practical insight from experts in various fields of interest, especially real estate, where trade secrets have historically filtered down through guru's, selling overpriced and over-hyped get rich quick programs and books, instead of from real world investors who are out there in the trenches, keeping the dream alive .  The new trend in making money online is to share what you know (for free) in exchange for eyes, ears and email addresses (to be monetized at a later date).  The amount of expert advice readily available today, compared to just a couple years ago, is staggering and it's all there at your fingertips.

Here's a short list of Podcasts loaded with useful and actionable information for people who make real estate their business.

BiggerPockets Podcast.JPG

1:  Bigger Pockets Podcast
Obviously.  If you visit the website, read the newsletter or engage with others on the forum, you know what to expect.  Currently the #1 top rated  and reviewed real estate podcast on iTunes, The Bigger Pockets Podcast "cuts out the hype and BS and delivers real actionable advice from active real estate investors and other professionals in the industry."  You'll learn a lot when you tune in.

2.  The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal

Most of us in real estate are entrepreneurs or solopreneurs on one level or another.  In his words, Michael O'Neal interviews the best and brightest solopreneurs from all walks of life, including network marketing, internet marketing, music, fitness, actors, comedians, and more.  Michael works to get to the core of what makes his guests tick and how they achieved success on their chosen paths.  A lot of the conversation and revelations of the guests is relatable to all industries including real estate.

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3.  Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.

If you've never listened to Amy Porterfield, you need to start.  Amy is an online marketing guru who cut her teeth working for Harley Davidson and then Tony Robbins.  A huge part of real estate is marketing and more and more of that is online these days.  For a lot of people on BiggerPockets, success lies in buying and selling (or flipping & wholesaling).  When you're making a business out of real estate, creating an online presence may not be essential if you're a bad ass, old school networker like Harvey Mackay, but for the rest of us who live and die by our smart phones, connecting online is key.  Amy shares strategies for what works and what doesn't and then explains how to do it.

4.  House Flipping HQ -with Justin Williams

A newer podcast on the scene, House Flipping HQ is pretty similar to the Bigger Pockets Podcast where the host, Justin Williams, discusses real world experiences, triumphs and tragedies with his guests.  The first bunch of shows have been pretty insightful with one guest from Portland, OR really breaking down his business to a surprisingly detailed level.  Here's hoping Justin has more of that coming.

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5.  Small Business Big Marketing -  Tim Reid

If you're in real estate, you need to market yourself, your brand and/or your product.  Tim Reid covers all aspects of marketing for small businesses and he somehow makes it fun and interesting to listen to.   He's a good interviewer with interesting guests who are more than willing to tell you how they've created successful businesses, often from the ground up.   He's been hosting his podcast for a while and has a ton of shows for download.  With the wealth of information on his show, I'm surprised it doesn't rank a little higher on iTunes.  Maybe the category sounds too boring for most to even search him out?

What podcasts are you listening to that should be on every real estate investors short list?

Brent Hall is a Broker Associate with Jameson Sotheby's International Realty, Chicago. Contact Brent Hall to discuss buying and selling real estate in Chicago.