Multifamily Sales of 2-4 Unit Buildings in Lakeview Chicago, January 2013


Six multifamily properties (2-4 units) closed in Lakeview in January 2013.  This represents a zero percent increase over January 2012.  Generally properties that close in a given month go to contract sometime in the previous 2 month period.  Though there was no increase in year over year sales it is important to note that the number of properties for sale in Dec '12 vs. Dec '11 was down over 40%.   The decreasing supply and steady demand favors sellers entering the market.

1736 W Roscoe St. Chicago

1736 W Roscoe St. Chicago
Sale Price: $424,000
Units: 3

3136 N Kenmore Ave. Chicago

3136 N Kenmore Ave., Chicago
Sale Price $614,280
Units: 3

1441 W Oakdale Ave, Chicago

1441 W Oakdale Ave., Chicago
Sale Price: $650,000
Units: 3

3646 N Lakewood Ave. Chicago

3646 N Lakewood Ave., Chicago
Sale Price: 664,875
Units: 3

1543 W School St. Chicago

1543 W School St., Chicago
Sale Price: $692,000
Units: 2


1028 W Wolfram St. Chicago

1028 W Wolfram St., Chicago
Sale Price: $750,000
Units: 3


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