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It's all about the neighborhoods. Work the shiny penny theory. Negotiate like a pro.

I provide Buyer Representation services to developers, investors and home buyers Chicago. My straight forward and consultative approach helps my clients determine what type of home or asset is the best fit for their immediate and long term needs. 

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Why work with BRENT HALL to find your next property?

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Many Buyers work with me to find off-market and pre-market opportunities. I have access to new construction homes, investment property and more.

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You can't learn all the nuances of the market by studying listings online. I quickly identify winning properties, avoid losers & educate in the process.

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+Buy Right

For a home buyer, price isn't the only consideration. For an investor, buy right and you'll make money. I bring 16 years of negotiating experience to the deal.


8-Point system for buying real estate.

When representing your interests as a Buyer's Agent, I will help you evaluate the marketplace and analyze select buying opportunities, so you can buy with confidence.

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Discuss client goals. 
It's important to have a clear understanding of what the market has to offer and how that matches up to your individual goals and needs as a buyer. With this knowledge, we can pin-point where to begin the search for your next property and gradually fine-tune the search as you become more familiar with the market. 

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Plan acquisition & disposition strategy.
Whether you're looking to purchase a new construction condo, larger move-up home, investment property or development site, considering the key driving factors behind the purchase and outlining how long you'll stay, will allow you to make the best purchase possible for your current and future needs.

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Source available properties.
We utilize multiple open-market and off-market sources to find the right properties for our clients. Many searches begin and end with available properties on the MLS. For investors and developers, networking through broker-to-broker connections and sourcing off-market inventory is sometimes the best way to find profitable deals.

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Analyze and tour selected properties.
Finding suitable properties can be difficult enough. Knowing which properties to spend your limited time analyzing and touring, takes a lot of experience. With a thorough understanding of the unique Chicago neighborhoods, building inventory, construction methods, zoning, public transportation and much more, we take the guessing out of the equation.

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Negotiate favorable contract terms.
A common saying in real estate is "You make money when you buy, not when you sell." The scenario is not always that easy, especially if you're buying a home. There's more to negotiating a contract than just the price. Our goal is to ensure you have the best overall contract terms possible, including the price!

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Property inspection & legal contingencies.
Protecting your investment capital or your down payment means knowing when to buy and when not to buy. We take special care to ensure you're working with the right professionals who will address the legal aspects and conduct a thorough property inspection, to limit the unknowns associated with buying real estate.

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Contract management.
From preparing and submitting the contract, requesting pre-approval & proof of funds docs, earnest money deposits, selections meetings, financing contingencies, attorney modification periods, scheduling inspections, punch list requirements and final walk through meetings, every step of the process is managed for you.

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Closing and possession.
Closing on a new property is very exciting, but a lot can go wrong in the days leading up to the closing and in some cases, at the closing table. Properly addressing each situation that presents itself at the 11th hour is critical to a positive outcome. We work diligently up to the end to ensure you have a smooth closing and transfer of possession.


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