Seller's Advantage Program

  • Use the Seller's Advantage Program to save on real estate commissions.
  • Hassle-free process with limited interruption.
  • Gain access to a large pool of qualified buyers.
  • Exclusive offer from Brent Hall, Jameson Sotheby's International Realty.


Save 50 percent or more on real estate commissions with the Seller's Advantage Program!

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How it works: save money because there is only one REALTOR to compensate. In a typical transaction when you list your property for sale, you pay up to a 6% commission, which is split between two REALTORS; one representing the seller (you) and another representing the buyer. With the Seller's Advantage Program, you get the same level of professional client representation and service, while saving 50% or more on real estate commissions. We work for you and market your property directly to Buyers who are looking to purchase in your neighborhood.


Ready to get started?

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To learn more about this program and how it can work for you, fill out the form below to submit your property details, or you can call Brent Hall directly at (312) 725-6171.

Ideal Properties for the Seller's Advantage Program

  • Multifamily buildings
  • Older single-family homes
  • Tear down properties of all types
  • Vacant land
  • Property in need of light to extensive rehab

Top Reasons To Use The Seller's Advantage Program

  • Reduced commission rate
  • Professional client representation
  • No long-term listing agreement
  • Access to pool of qualified buyers
  • No hassle & limited interruption

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